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From Southern States, to Africa, to Haiti, and Phillipines and Micronesia we develop and educate future Leaders.

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You have a unique power for Making A Difference! Where you invest makes a difference..

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WBI DonateYou have a unique power for Making A Difference! Where you invest makes a difference! You are investing your money some way. One dollar spent for lunch last five hours. One dollar spent for a necktie lasts five weeks. One dollar spent for a cap lasts five months. One dollar spent for an automobile lasts five years. One dollar spent in the service of God lasts for eternity (Roger Babson). You cannot take your money with you, but you can send it on ahead of you (Jesus Christ, Matthew 6:19, 20)! You can make a difference in millions of souls for eternity by investing in World Bible Institute!

Are you allowing your sight of the present to preclude your view of the future? It can! This was demonstrated by a wise old Indian. He held an acorn before his two sons and asked: “What do you see?” One said, “An acorn.” The other answered, “An oak.” To the second the father commented, “With your vision, some day you should be chief!” What do you see when you look at World Bible Institute? We MUST SEE the forthcoming of many missionaries, evangelists, and preachers! Will you invest in their future?

Do you remember the story of John 6:1-12 about the boy who had five barley loaves and two fish? He was in the right place at the right time. He was the catalyst for feeding 5000 people. You never know where you may be needed to make a difference. You must consider Jesus Christ in a short ministry of three years influenced more people than any known man (Matthew 4:23-25). We have all been encouraged by the widow who her last two mites to God (Mark 12:41-44). It wasn’t the amount that made her a memorable hero.

It was her attitude of giving. You can make a difference! These illustrations all have one thing in common. One person can make a major difference! That’s what life is all about. I am sure you and I have a number of things in common. One of which is to make a difference. Being a difference maker gives life a positive purpose and direction.

A survey was taken in which persons ninety-five years and older were asked: “What would you change if you could live your life again?” The most common responses were to reflect more, risk more, and do things that would outlive them. Don’t we all want to do things that will outlive us? Sure! When we invest in people, God’s people, we are on a track that will make a difference in time and eternity. What could be a better way to make a difference than investing in the training of preachers of the Gospel, missionaries, evangelists, and church leaders? It insures that fruit will be added to your heavenly account (Philippians 4:17). You will be sharing in the saving of souls. By helping to train those who reach the lost, you share in their rewards (1 Corinthians 3:5-17).

Remember, “a lot of littles make a whole lot!” Let’s apply this to what is known as “84 cents difference.” Suppose you contribute 84 cents a day to the training of preachers. Your first thought may be something like, “What in the world can you do with 84 cents?” A lot! Let me qualify my response. If you will give a minimum of 84 cents a day for 365 days, that will amount to $306.60 in one year. This would average about $25.55 each month. “A lot of littles make a whole lot!”

Now let’s dream. Imagine if several hundred people joined hands with you and also gave 84 cents per day toward training preachers. That would make a major difference. This is simple and affordable way for you, and each member of the Lord’s body, to make a difference in the mission field. Let’s go to a smaller amount of 56 cents a day which would amount to $17.04 per month and $204.40 per year. Let’s go to a smaller amount of 28 cents a day which would amount to $8.52 per day and $102.20 per year.

The board, administration, and staff of World Bible Institute ask you to contribute in order to invest in souls for time and eternity. Yes, please count on me to make a difference by helping to train preachers, missionaries, evangelists, and church leaders!  Will you take a few moments and select the plan you want to subscribe to:

TAX DEDUCTIBLE:  World Bible Institute is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3), so your donations are tax deductible. 

SECURITY:  Using the donation box below allows you to SECURELY make online donations to the World Bible Institute.  You will be able to utilize all major credit or debit cards.  Donations less than $2,000.00 do not require you to have your own Paypal account.

 Please send miscellaneous pledges to:


J. J. Turner, Chancellor 

World Bible Institute

400 Lake Dow Road

McDonough, GA 30252

(770) 898-7817


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